Solutions for supermarkets and hypermarkets

Checkpoint provides supermarkets with a variety of solutions to address their precise needs, from advanced shrink management solutions to safety and security systems to merchandise visibility solutions to prevent out-of-stock situations. 

Increasingly, supermarkets have expanded their offering to include on-site pharmacies presenting a unique challenge of protecting and deterring theft of high-risk assets such as pharmaceuticals.  

Checkpoint's years of experience, innovation and broad product protection portfolio provides supermarkets with solutions to effectively protect high-theft, high-value merchandise.

Checkpoint solutions are designed to help hypermarket operators address their security and merchandise visibility concerns while providing a rewarding consumer shopping experience.

In these expansive stores selling everything from fish filets to fishing poles, there is a premium not only on maximizing every square foot of selling space but to closely track the flow of goods in and out of the store, from the loading dock to the shelves to the checkout counter.

Checkpoint’s innovative solutions help companies stay ahead of the competition by reducing shrink on big-ticket and high-theft items alike, trimming out-of-stocks, enhancing store security and lowering operating costs through source tagging and apparel labeling solutions

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