RFID-based inventory visibility and loss prevention
at the point-of-exit.

RFID Overhead EAS Solution 2.0: A new dimension in merchandise availability.

Retailers are fighting a constant battle to reduce and even eliminate out-of-stocks, which is key to the ultimate goal of improving merchandise availability. Doing so means adopting new and innovative approaches, such as deploying synergistic solutions that improve merchandise visibility while also addressing shrink.

The RFID Overhead EAS Solution 2.0 takes Checkpoint’s original Overhead solution design to a new dimension. It supports wider and higher door openings in a smaller, modular, more attractive package that can be installed either attached to a store’s ceiling or fully embedded inside the ceiling. Overhead 2.0 also features Checkpoint’s creative technology, including the RFID-based OneTag™ approach to support both inventory management and loss prevention with a single tag, and Checkpoint’s patented patented Wirama Radar™ for unsurpassed RFID tag-reading accuracy and integrity. 


  • Supports significantly wider and higher exit door coverage

    Overhead 2.0 supports exit doors up to 20 feet wide and 12 feet high – a more than 50 percent increase in the width and 20 percent more in the height than previous overhead solutions. These expanded dimensions makes Overhead 2.0 applicable for virtually all specialty apparel retailers and department stores, including those in mall-based environments.

  • Uses a single RFID tag for both inventory management and loss prevention

    Checkpoint’s OneTag approach significantly reduces labeling costs and improves flexibility for retailers looking to improve merchandise availability. This significantly streamlines the process and cost of tagging items for both inventory management and loss prevention.

  • Comes in a smaller, more modular design for easier deployment

    The main console unit in Overhead 2.0 is about one-half the size of earlier consoles and is designed in a highly modular fashion. This makes it easier for a single technician to deploy since the unit can be mounted in small, tight spaces. For retailers looking for the most discreet installation option, the unit also can be fully hidden inside the ceiling.

  • Supports design-conscious retail settings with a more aesthetic design

    The unit’s main console is finished with black mesh, giving it an attractive appearance similar to an audio speaker. This makes it a more pleasing fit for apparel retailing environments.

  • Allows retailers to better utilize important selling space near storefronts

    Checkpoint’s patented Wirama Radar ensures data integrity by eliminating stray reads. Its ability to accurately track merchandise movement in multiple directions near the prime selling space at the front of a store supports hyper-accurate tag reading, while supporting EPC global standards for RFID tag detection and reading.

  • Gives retailers essential information on what has been stolen

    In order to keep retailers fully current with their full merchandise availability status, they need to know not only that a theft has occurred but also what – and how many – items were stolen. Overhead 2.0’s advanced software filtering and RFID architecture provides retailers with real-time insight on the details of stolen merchandise, enabling them to maintain accurate inventory and shelf availability.

  • Raises tag integrity and read performance to even higher levels

    Overhead 2.0’s electronics design has been further improved, allowing the system to achieve approximately 95 percent accuracy on tag reads. This reduces costly and inefficient system errors that impact a retailer’s ability to know their true merchandise availability status.