Shrink: the high cost of retail theft

Retailers are facing increased pressure on their profits from the high cost associated with shrink, which cost them $119.1 billion globally* in 2011. Not only does shrink erode retailers’ profits margins by as much as nearly 40%, it also wreaks havoc on shelf availability and inventory accuracy. And as industry research has shown, if customers can’t find the product they’re seeking at one store, they often buy it at a competitor's store or web site.

Checkpoint's benefits for retailers
Checkpoint's retail customers enjoy increased sales and profits by improving their supply chain efficiencies and providing a secure, open merchandising environment. Merchandise is not only protected from theft and shrink, but is available to consumers when they’re ready to purchase.

Shrink management solutions for today’s retailers

Our shrink management solutions include:

* 2011 Global Retail Theft Barometer, Centre for Retail Research  

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