Checkpoint Academy

To achieve the greatest return on any investment, it is important to fully maximize its potential. Checkpoint Academy is designed to help retailers do just that, through a series of modular and interactive Web-based training programs for store employees.

Checkpoint Academy modules are designed to suit all learning styles and fit with individual workloads and schedules.  Powered by a Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant Learning Management System and available 24/7, users can progress through each module as work commitments permit and benefit from refresher training at a later date.

The first module – Maintaining EAS Effectiveness, is designed to help retailers reduce shrink and increase sales by educating staff on EAS best practices.

Maintaining EAS Effectiveness

The Maintaining EAS Effectiveness module is an essential ingredient in any successful EAS program. Designed for use in store, this training program provides sales associates with a comprehensive overview on EAS, delivered in an easy-to-follow format and explained in simple and relevant terms.  Covering the individual components that make up an EAS program to best practices at point-of-sale and how to deal with EAS activations safely and effectively, this training module should form a part of every EAS program.

  • Complements ‘face-to-face’ EAS training programs
  • Available on-demand for complete flexibility
  • Improves staff interaction with customers
  • Increases the ROI on EAS